What disciplines to practice with a katana, iaito, bokken
Traditional saber techniques are divided into two main parts:
Kenjutsu is the set of techniques for handling the sword when it is already removed from the scabbard. Strictly speaking, it is the art of the sword. This practice was considered the most important, so the Bushi concentrated most of his attention and effort on it.
kenjtsu martial art boken bokken katana sword
Ken-Jutsu, according to the fashion of the time or the philosophical and political conceptions inherent in certain schools, took different names during its history: Heiho, Kenpo, Toho, Gekken, Hyoho, Tojutsu, Tachiuchi, Hyodo, etc. Most commonly, however, the name Ken-Jutsu is applied to the art of the classic sword.
kendo martial art training sword shinai boken katana
Kendo (literally the way of the sword) is the modern version of kenjutsu (sword techniques), the sword fencing once practiced in Japan by the samurai. By modern version, it should be understood that kendo is not only a martial art but also a competitive sport, today widely practiced in the world. It is practiced with a shinai, a sword made up of four bamboo slats attached to each other. However, kendo is not limited to a simple set of techniques and tactics of sword fighting. It also includes a spiritual component. Kendo allows its practitioners to develop their strength of character and determination. During katas, the practitioner sometimes uses a blunt katana (iaito) or a bokken
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