The katana, Japanese sword, is the best sword ever made by man.
Katanas-samurai.com is a shop specializing in martial practice weapons. Such as: bokken, bo, jo, katana, Japanese sword, ïaito, wakizashi, Chinese sword, tonfa, sai, shuriken, kunai, etc ... as well as accessories and equipment for martial practice. We offer a wide range of quality and prestigious brand katanas: Murasame, Bushiden, Citadel, Paul Chen, Fudoshin, John Lee. All of our katanas are hand forged and functional. These sabers are made in Asia according to Japanese tradition.
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We offer you a choice of quality, know-how and authenticity. Each store is important to us, but also unique in the image of the character of our products. Like our foreign suppliers, we want to prioritize and promote our French points of sale.
We remain at your disposal by phone +33 (0)9 88 33 10 04
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