Kyudo (pronounced kyû-dô) is "the Way of the Arc".
This is the practice of traditional Japanese archery. In Kyudo, the traditional Japanese archery, the main thing is not to hit the target, something difficult to imagine for a Western athlete. In Kyudo, what matters is the distance traveled, a path towards better self-knowledge.
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Kyudo has its origin in the warrior techniques of the Samurai of medieval Japan, but also in traditional rituals of the same period, religious or secular, where the bow occupied an important symbolic function. These two currents have united to form the bases of modern Kyudo, which harmoniously unites the mastery of a very precise shooting technique, with more "in-depth" work. Indeed the practitioner of Kyudo must also strive towards the improvement of his body posture, as well as towards the harmonization of his mental and emotional attitude.
Kyudo, like any Japanese martial art, is first and foremost a heritage of the Samurai. However, it differs from other more well-known arts (kendo, judo, karate, aikido ...) by the fact that no external opponent is fought there.
It is certainly in this discipline that one can most easily find the true essence of these martial arts, whose objective is not the victory obtained in combat, but the permanent victory over oneself. What we cultivate in Kyudo is personality, human qualities, strength of character, self-knowledge, respect for others.
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Japanese archery differs from its European cousin in many ways. From the material point of view, it is the Japanese arch which is used, a traditional arch made of wood and bamboo. Its handle is asymmetrical, placed at the third of its length which exceeds two meters. There are bows of different sizes, and of all power, suitable for any type of archer. Kyudo is not a question of physical strength, and is open to everyone, regardless of age.

Great importance is given to the quality of posture and body language. Kyudo gives only an accessory place to the precision of the shot, which is in fact only the inevitable result of a "perfect" shot, that is to say perfectly executed while respecting the principles transmitted by the uninterrupted lines. of the Master Archers. The perfect shot will not only be precise, but also borrows dignity and aesthetics, fundamental dimensions of the practice of Kyudo. Aesthetics of the rhythmic gesture and harmonized with the breathing, aesthetic of the balanced posture, underlined by the beauty of the shapes of the arch.

The whole art of the Master is to guide the practitioner in the very precise execution of these gestures, made possible only by uninterrupted concentration, and intense and regular training.
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