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Secure payment
• Bank card
Secure online payment worldwide with Payzen from Lyra Network

PAYZEN is a highly secure internet payment platform for e-commerce (PCI DSS - 3D Secure) created by Lyra Network.
At no time, your bank details appear in clear or are given to merchants.
Payzen is connected with all the banks.

Cards accepted: Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard and American Express, e-blue, Maestro, Paypal
Thanks to Payzen's SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) electronic payment system, the information that the buyer provides from his bank card (number and expiration date) on the Payzen secure payment site is not stored on the Site. At no time are banking information stored on katanas-samurai.com servers or pass unencrypted over the Internet.
katanas-samurai.com therefore does not have access to the buyer's personal data but has a bank confirmation of the transaction made for the payment of the purchase.

Safety standards :

PCI DSS is a set of Visa Master Card prerequisites required from processors or storers of sensitive electronic payment data. An annual audit is carried out to ensure that the maximum level of safety is maintained.
PCI DSS determines operating procedures, implements them and ensures continuous control of the security devices necessary for payment by card.
Lyra Network is PCI DSS certified and thus guarantees a highly secure and reliable solution.

3D Secure

3D secure is a secure payment protocol on the Internet.

It was developed by Visa and Mastercard to fight against e-commerce fraud under the name of "Verified by Visa" and "Mastercard secure code" and makes it possible to ensure that the buyer is indeed the holder of the credit card. payment.

This protocol is in addition to the Visual Cryptogram check requested when entering bank details.

Once this step has been validated, the Internet user is redirected to a page of his bank called ACS (Access Control Server) where he will be asked for an additional personal code unrelated to the payment card.

How does payment security work on the Site?

When the Buyer prepares to pay for his purchase, he is then automatically redirected to the secure servers of the company Payzen. The address displayed in his browser then becomes https: // www ... (the "s" in https signifying secure server). A small padlock confirming this security also appears at the bottom of the screen, usually on the right. All sensitive information (bank card numbers, etc.) is therefore entered directly on Payzen's secure servers.
• Bank transfer
Our bank details will be displayed once you have selected "payment method bank transfer" and you have clicked on "PAY".

Orders will be shipped after receipt of the transfer.
Important Notes:
- We reserve the right to refuse transactions from certain countries,
known to fraudulently use means of payment on the Internet.

- No cash on delivery.