Fully customizable Katanas and Iaitos Murasame
Legend has it that the Murasame katana was forged by a blacksmith student of Masamune, illustrious blacksmith who forged his katanas by adding occult forces.
Planted in a stream, Murasame attracted the leaves that floated to the surface to him and cut them off.
japan sword custom katana murasame masamune
Did not find the katana or iaito you were dreaming of? Katanas-samurai.com can have it made for you!
With the Murasame range of katanas and Iaitos, we bring you fully customizable high quality katanas and iaitos.
Manufactured according to Japanese tradition, they are the subject of special attention from the forge to assembly and shipping.

Each katana / iaito is carefully assembled and checked before dispatch.

It will be delivered to you in a beautiful printed silk cover with its certificate of authenticity.
Photo gallery of our most beautiful custom katanas on:
Possible choices:
6 types of blades

Hand forged 1060 steel (0.60% carbon)
Hand forged 1095 steel (0.95% carbon)
Hand forged 1095 steel (0.95% carbon) with selective clay quenching with real hamon
Folded steel Sanmai 1095 and 1060
Sanmai 1095 and 1060 bent steel with selective clay quenching with real hamon
Tahamagane steel bent with selective clay quenching with real hamon and hazuya stone finish

11 blade lengths

With or without Bo Hi

Standard polish or mirror polish Hazuya polish

Not sharp, sharp or razor sharp

42 tsubas
12 Fuchi - Kashira
27 sayas
26 ito colors
4 sageo japan
How to order
custom japan sword katana
• 1 - Choose your type of katana in the left menu, example katana 1095
• 2 - You arrive on the personalization page
custom japan sword katana saber
• 3 - Selecting your specifications

You must "order" 9 "items (choice)" so that the personalization of your katana is complete.

The price of the blade is the price of your katana.

here 269 € your katana blade steel 1060. (picture above)

The choices are made for each article in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page (image below).

Once you have chosen the length of your blade, you will select the options for your blade, your saya, your tsuba, and so on up to the sageo in the following sections.

Some options are chargeable and are added to the price of the blade, for example saya with inlaid ray skin or even a copper tsuba-fuchi-kashira set.

The price of the options is indicated in the drop-down menu.
Standard options included in the price of the blade are marked 0 €.
custom sword japan katana saber murasame masamune

After each choice you have "order", you must click on "CONTINUE SHOPPING" to continue your choices.

It is only at the last choice, the 9th (Sageo) that you will validate your entire order by clicking on "PAY THE INVOICE".
custom japan sword katana murasame masamune
Example of customization:

Set Katana + Wakizashi hand forged steel 1060
with high quality black lacquered saya inlaid with stingray skin and Tsuba - Fuchi - Kashira set in copper. Ito blue silk.
custom japan sword katana saber murasame
Check before clicking on "PAY" that you have 9 items in your basket.

Delivery times are approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

You will need to provide us with a photocopy of your identity card before delivery.
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