Who are we?
Katanas-samurai.com is an online store specializing in the sale of practice and collection weapons for martial arts.On katanas-samurai.com you will find equipment adapted to your practice whether Japanese, Chinese or Asian (katana, sword, boken, baton, nunchaku, tonfa, saï, kama, shuriken, etc.)
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For our katanas and swords, we offer items according to your budget: wooden weapons for classic club practice, cut steel weapons for more sensation at an economical price, hand forged steel weapons (bent steel, steel very high quality tamahagane) at a very reasonable price for a unique pleasure.
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We are considered by customers to be one of the best stores for selling martial arts weapons like Iaido and Aikido. Our discreet, available and qualified staff are at your disposal and at your disposal
to manage your requests.

The advantages of ordering on our online site Katanas-samurai.com?
- A very active customer service, close to its customer.
- Items at low prices.
- New ranges of articles regularly posted.

If you have any questions regarding your order, an item or regarding the katanas-samurai.com website, our online team will be happy to advise you.

The katanas-samurai Showroom and katanas-murasame.com.
The Murasame company has the advantage of having not only an online site, but also a physical showroom. This allows people who do not want delivery, to pick up their order but also to manage returns and exchanges.
For those who would like to discover our range, Murasame opens its doors to them from Monday to Friday.

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