Wakizashi Suishinshi

Wakizashi Suishinshi
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Wakizashi Suishinshi
Reference : AWAK01W153
The wakizashi is a second, short blade, usable with one hand, was used for multiple uses difficult to carry out with a katana, like the samurai who used the wakizashi to fight in the closed places.

Suishinshi Masahide was considered one of the three most skilled blacksmiths of the EDO period (1603-1868).

He was primarily known for initiating the Shin-Shinto movement by introducing the ancient way of sword crafting from earlier eras such as Kamakura and Muromachi to the evolving Edo blacksmith industry. Suishinshi challenged the routine of sword smiths by forging katanas that were of very hard steel to restore their original purpose as a weapon and not a pageantry.

Characteristics :

Blade Type: Hand forged sharp Maru with Bo-hi
Grade: 1050 steel
Same: Genuine ray skin
Ito: White Cotton
Sageo: Color black
Cut-out steel tsuba
Length with saya: 81 cm
Length without saya: 77.5 cm
Blade length: 50 cm
Saya: (scabbard) in black lacquered wood
Tsuka length: 24 cm locked by 2 mekugis
Weight with saya: 994 g
Weight without saya: 816 g



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