Wakizashi Silver Dragonfly

Wakizashi Silver Dragonfly
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Wakizashi Silver Dragonfly
Reference : WAKBW280
Magnificent Wakizashi by Murasame, in 1095 Carbon steel, hand forged.
The Silver Dragonfly No Hi has a blade hardened differently by selective clay quenching.
The polishing reveals a magnificent hamon.

Sugata (Blade Style):
Mune hardness is around 43 and Ha (blade edge) is around 60 HRC Rockwell.
The back of the blade is iori-mune, the edge is without Niku. Razor sharpening (very sharp blade).
A high performance blade for cutting.

Nagasa (Blade length from Habaki): ~ 51 cm
Sori (Curvature): about 1.52cm / 0.6inch.
Nakago (tang of the blade) with Mei (inscription) according to tradition
Fuchi-Kashira (Pommeau): Beautifully crafted with dragonfly (Dragonfly) in Copper.
Tsuka (Handle): Wood, suitable for silk. Length 20.5 cm
Tsuka ito: brown / white
Tsuka-ito (Fabric around handle): fitted silk.
Samé: Real, white ray skin.
2 Menuki: Brass, hand polished. Dragonfly shape. One on each side, mounted in the traditional way.
Habaki: Brass. Made in 1 piece.
Seppa: Copper.
2 Mekugi: Bamboo wood, Assembly according to traditional methods. The 2 mekugi-ana are drilled diagonally and conically in the tang. The mekugi are attached in opposite ways on each side.
Tsuba (Guard): copper and silver with very beautiful dragonfly patterns
Saya (Scabbard): Selected white wood. Black lacquered with ray skin inlay. Curved according to the Sori of the blade. The Koi-guchi is made of brown buffalo horn. Saya with kurikata and 2 shitodome for Obi support.
Sageo: Brown.

Accessories included:
Silk protective cover.
Comes with a black lacquered support, a maintenance kit .




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