Sharp Katana "Murasama"

Sharp Katana "Murasama"
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Sharp Katana "Murasama"
Reference : A02AFUK814
Muramasa (千子 村正) was a Japanese katana smith, he is particularly famous for his dark side. He created his own school, named Sengo, in the 16th century in the province of Ise in Japan. Muramasa appears to have been a Buddhist monk, under the kaimyō (Dharma name) of Myōdai. The number of surviving Muramasa sabers is unknown, but it is assumed that less than 25% survived the ravages of time.

This katana has a flexible blade (Spring Steel 1065) with a real Hamon.
We created this model to have flexibility and a durable edge.
This katana is perfect for intensive cutting.
The polishing as well as the sharpening is done by hand.


Hand-forged 1065 (0.65% carbon) steel blade with sharp groove.
Selective clay tempering with real hamon.
Hardness: approximately 58° HRC on HA and 40° HRC on Mun.
Brass Habaki
Tsuka real ray skin covered with black cotton braided in Hinemiraki with 2 Mekugis
Blade length 71.5 cm
Total length with scabbard: 105 cm
Handle length: 29cm
curve (Sori): 1.6 cm

Balance point: about 14 cm above Tsuba
Blade width on the Habaki: 3.1 cm
Blade width at the transition to the tip (Kisaki): 2.2 cm
Weight with scabbard: 1250g
Weight without scabbard: 1050 g

Comes with a protective cover.
Option: 1 place matte stand

Lacquered support in photo reference A6338 (Not included)

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