Saya adjustment kit

Saya adjustment kit
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Saya adjustment kit
Reference : KITSAYA
This kit will allow you to modulate the "game" that there may be between the habaki and the entrance to the saya (Koigushi).

- When the play of the saya (Koigushi) is too narrow, the two files (1plate, 1 Triangular), will allow you to file the wood, so that your sword enters more easily in its sheath without the habaki hindering its closing.

- When, on the other hand, the saya (Koigushi) play is too "wide" and therefore the saya has a too flexible closure on the habaki, the cutter will allow you to cut a small square of craft paper (about 1cm x 2cm), then the glue will be used to stick it.


On the side that needs it, start by depositing a first uniform layer of glue and larger than the area of ​​your square of paper (1x2cm) inside the saya, then drop your square of craft paper there, cover the latter with a second layer of uniform adhesive of identical size so that the entire surface of the paper is covered. Leave to dry for several hours. Once dry, you just have to adjust the closure of your saya on your saber using the two files.

The adjustment made will in no way alter the visual of the saber and its saya, in fact the wood glue supplied becomes transparent when it is dry.

Saya sold separately.

This kit contains:

- 1 Triangular file
- 1 flat file
- 1 tube of wood glue
- 1 cutter + 5 Blades
- 1 sheet of craft paper 14.5 x 20.5 cm
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