Polypropylene tanto

Polypropylene tanto
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Polypropylene tanto
Reference : ATCS92BKKA
Molded from high impact polypropylene this Tanto offers superior grip and comfort as well as a more realistic training potential.

Our new Tanto Bokken is made from the heaviest quality polypropylene available and closely replicates a real Tanto in length, size, weight and feel. While not as stiff as wood, it has the advantage of being virtually unbreakable and remarkably stiff and cut resistant. It is ideal for typing and allows safe contact.

Hundreds of years ago the Japanese discovered a simple truth. To become a great swordsman, you will need to train with a "living blade". And during the period between "good" and "excellent," you should be spending your time building your skills and confidence to wield a razor-sharp Katana safely and effectively.

To do this, the Japanese relied on a simple wooden sword called a "bokken" for much of their training. It was made from the heavy duty wood of Japanese white oak, a wood they called Kashi. Swords produced from this wood had the advantage of replicating the size, weight and feel of a steel sword while minimizing the possibility of causing serious or permanent injury to those who wielded it.

Authentic Kashi wood bokkens are still in use today but are getting quite expensive. They also have drawbacks, in fact, being made of wood, they can rot or split. The solution to these dilemmas was to design a synthetic substitute that was inexpensive and impervious to the elements.


Blade length (cm): 30.5
Handle (Finish): Polypropylene
Blade color: Black
Blade Profile: Katana
Handle color: Black
Edge: Smooth
Safety opening: Fixed with double guard
Weight: 262 g
Total length: 46.4cm
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