Naginata Da Kan Dao

Naginata Da Kan Dao
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Naginata Da Kan Dao
Reference : DS11568
Naginata (薙刀)

This Naginata is one of the long weapons, intended for ranged combat (rider ...), the blade is heavy and this allows the weight to be balanced. It therefore requires strength and coordination of movements. The hook at the point is used among other things to unseat enemies.

This weapon, originated at the beginning of the Asuka era (710-794). It originally consisted of a saber blade mounted on a spear of about two meters. Its main function is to cut the hocks of enemy horses on the battlefield. In this respect she looks a lot like the Western Falcon. Used against an enemy, it keeps them at a distance, like a Nodachi can.

The Naginata is often associated with the Soheis and women of the Samurai class. But the Bushis continued to use it in combat until the beginning of the Sengoku era. It was at this point that the weapon was improved, with a more curved blade and the addition of a Tsuba.

This weapon has a golden guard. Its size (160cm) and weight (1.8kg) make it a pleasant weapon to practice. Although not one of the traditional staple weapons, this Naginata will delight practitioners looking for a weapon that is easy to handle and carry.

Characteristics :

Dismountable in two parts
Weight: 1.8kg
Total length: 1.60m
Thick and rigid blade
1040 steel
Blade length: 53cm
Sold without scabbard




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