Reference : KEIKO2
The keikoken is a training sword made of composite materials with a saya.
It is intended for martial arts practitioners wishing to exercise their discipline with a boken capable of providing sensations close to a metal saber.
It allows you to practice katas alone (Iaido for example). Nikitsuke (draw the sword), kiritsuke (cut with the sword), Noto (sheath the sword).
It can also be used as a boken for role playing, combat (Aikido, Kenjutsu, kendo no kata, etc.)
Very solid, it is made of 6-6 type polyamide loaded with 15% glass fibers (material used for certain law enforcement equipment).
He can easily withstand blows from wooden boken or other Keikoken.
One-piece, it is designed with a closing piece on the blade. The assembly is made by structural bonding with high mechanical resistance. The stuka incorporates a diamond ribbing in the manner of Tsukamaki straps to ensure good grip and mark the position of the fingers. The blade has an aerodynamic rib (whistling when cutting) which allows the practitioner to control the quality of the cut when the keikoken is used for kata practice (Iaido, Kendo).

Iaito in PA 6-6, loaded with 15% glass fiber, hollow blade in 2 asymmetric parts assembled by structural bonding, high shock absorption capacity.
Saya: ABS
Weight: 550 g
Weight with saya: 810 g
Total length: 98.5 cm
Length of the stuka: 25 cm


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