Katana Shihozume

Katana Shihozume
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Katana Shihozume
Reference : C18BRK822
SHIHOZUME: Blades have 5 ingots, mild steel core (1045), back and sides of hard steel (1060), edge of extra hard steel (1095).
The shihozume is a type of Japanese sword blade assembly similar to the Honsanmai. Like its counterpart, the shihozume requires the use of three different types of steel for making the blade: shigane, higane, and kawagane.
Kawagane steel, however, is added to the sides as well as the bottom of the blade. Because of this, it is more difficult to use than some of the other types of assembly, but the end result is a capable Japanese broadsword that can cut and flex without breaking under pressure.

Blade Type: Hand Forged Sharp Shihozume
Grade: Steel 1045, 1060 and 1095 with genuine Hamon
Throat: No-hi
Same: Genuine ray skin
Ito: Brown Silk
Sageo: Brown Silk
Tsuka: Locked by 2 Mekugi
Saya: (scabbard) in black grained wood
Blade with sharp BO-HI 72.5 cm
Tsuka 28.5 cm
Total length 105 cm with the saya
Tsuba: Mokko gata with golden dragon
Weight: Katana 1130 g

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- Lacquered 1-seater support (Same as on the presentation image)

Suitable for initiation to cutting (Battodo or tameshigiri) on traditional objects
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Laser engraving on blade
Laser engraving on blade