Katana Ronin Hood

Katana Ronin Hood
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Katana Ronin Hood
Reference : ALYS001
In collaboration with a renowned practitioner, the Murasame Ronin Hood Katana embodies the age-old heritage of Japanese blades while incorporating cutting-edge techniques for exceptional performance. Every aspect, from traditional polishing to material precision, reflects a perfect balance between honoring traditions and meeting modern demands. Immerse yourself in the essence of Bushido with the Murasame Katana.


Nagasa (Blade Length from Habaki): ~ 71 cm (73.7 cm at the tsuba)
Sori (Curvature): Approximately 1.7 cm / 0.6 inches
Point of Balance (measured from Habaki): ~ 10.5 cm
Nakago (Tang) with Mei (Inscription) following tradition
Fuchi-Kashira (Pommel): Exquisitely crafted with a Copper Dragonfly motif
Tsuka (Handle): Wood, fitted to the tang. Length 24 cm
Tsuka Ito: Katatemaki
Tsuka-Ito (Handle Wrap): Fitted red silk
Same: Real white ray skin
2 Menuki: Brass Dragonfly-shaped, one on each side, traditionally mounted
Habaki: Brass, made in one piece
Seppa: Brass
2 Mekugi: Bamboo
Tsuba (Guard): Iron with beautiful motifs
Saya (Scabbard): Selected wood, black lacquered with raw ray skin inlay. Curved to match the Sori of the blade. Koi-guchi made from buffalo horn. Saya with horn kurikata.
Sageo: Double Black
Approximately 1,165 gr. without Saya
Approximately 1,470 gr. with Saya
Included Accessories:

Silk protective cover
Immerse yourself in the legacy of the Murasame Ronin Hood Katana, where tradition
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