Katana Mon

Katana Mon
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Katana Mon
Reference : BUSH675
Katana "MON" - A Masterpiece of Elegance and Heritage

Immerse yourself in a world of distinction with the Katana "MON," a unique masterpiece that stands out with its dented blade, setting it apart from all other katanas. This versatile blade is not only suited for cutting but also serves as an exquisite decorative piece, featuring MON motifs representing a renowned samurai clan on its sheath (Clan Oda).


Uniquely Dented Blade: The Katana "MON" showcases a remarkable blade with captivating dents, adding a touch of character and originality to this exceptional weapon. Perfectly balanced for cutting precision and adorned with historical charm.
Aesthetic Masterpiece: Crafted with a Damascus steel blade, the Katana "MON" radiates elegance. The finely sculpted iron guard (Tsuba) complements the overall design, creating an enchanting work of art.
Symbolic MON Clan Motifs: The wooden sheath is adorned with intricate MON motifs, representing the heritage and honor of a revered samurai clan. A symbol of legacy and tradition that breathes life into this extraordinary katana.
Craftsmanship and Quality: The Katana "MON" features a solid lacquered magnolia wood handle (Tsuka) embellished with genuine galuchat fish leather, ensuring a firm and comfortable grip.

Blade Material: 1095 Damascus Steel
Guard (Tsuba): Finely Sculpted Iron
Sheath (Saya): Solid Wood with MON Clan Motifs
Handle (Tsuka): Lacquered Magnolia Wood with Genuine Ray Skin


Length with Sheath - 103 cm
Blade Length with habaki - 73 cm
Handle Length - 27 cm
Weight - 1100g



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