Katana Maintenance Kit +

Katana Maintenance Kit +
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Katana Maintenance Kit +
Reference : ADJAPKIT03
Complete katana cleaning and maintenance kit.

Understand :
Blade oil, cleaning cloth, a ball of powder to polish the blade, a copper awl and a small hammer, 2 spare mekugi. Wooden box packaging

Oil is used to prevent oxidation of the blade. The oil creates a film that protects the blade from air and prevents oxidation. Over time the oil dries up. Also it is important to reapply the oil at least once a month.

Powder ball for polishing the blade: (Uchiko). A white powder appears from the Uchiko when the blade is dabbed with the Uchiko. There are two purposes of use. The Uchiko removes old oil that sticks to the blade. The Uchiko embellishes the blade surface.

Hammer: The Mekuginuki is used to remove the Mekugi from the sword. The Mekuginuki can remove the Mekugi with the pointed part. In order to use the Mekuginuki to remove the Mekugi, the top piece of the hammer can be removed from the rest of the Mekuginuki.

Oak supports with red velvet reinforcements.
Allows a perfect hold of the katana or Iaito when removing the mekugi (ankles) from the tsuka.
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