Katana Kikusui

Katana Kikusui
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Katana Kikusui
Reference : P04KHJ10
The Kikusui katana is an original creation by Murasame. Tsuba represents half a chrysanthemum flower on water.

Its unokubi-zukiri style blade is made of San-maï 1095/1060 steel.
It benefits from a clay tempering with a Choji style hamon.
The sharpening is razor sharp. The polishing and finishing with azuya stones reveals a very beautiful grain of steel very pleasant to look at.
The fittings are from Japan with a beautifully crafted forged steel tsuba, a silver fushi-kashira set. The menuki are very thin and elegant.
The tsuka is braided with a very beautiful Japanese cotton. The sageo is also from Japan. All the assembly and adjustment part is the work of the Japanese Saber Workshop, our partner.
The saya is made of wood with stingray skin inlay with koiguchi-kurikata and koigiri in brown buffalo horn.
The Kikusui katana is a very beautiful piece, elegant and efficient.

Sugata (Blade Style): unokubi-zukuri.
Hand forged, curved blade with Bohi and Chu-Kissaki (tip). Real Hamon on the blade made with clay. The hardness of Mune is 50 ° HRC and Ha (blade edge) is 60 ° HRC Rockwell. Cutting blade.

Nagasa (Blade length from the Tsuba): ~ 73 cm.
Sori (Curvature): about 2cm.
Moto-Kasane (Thickness at the base): about 8 mm.
Saki- Kasane (Tip thickness): about 5 mm.
Saki-Haba (Width at the tip): about 22.2 mm.
Moto-Haba (Width at the base): approximately 31.9 mm.
Balance point (measured from Habaki): ~ 12 cm.
Nakago (tang of the blade) with Mei (inscription) according to tradition
Fuchi-Kashira (Pommeau): Made in japan, beautifully crafted.
Tsuka (Handle): Wood, suitable for silk. Length 26.5 cm
Tsuka-ito (Fabric around handle): premium Japanese cotton fitted.
Samé: Real, white ray skin.
2 Menuki: Old money. One on each side, mounted in the traditional way.
Habaki: Silver
Seppa: Silver
2 Mekugi: Bamboo wood, Assembly according to traditional methods. The 2 mekugi-ana are drilled diagonally and conically in the tang. The mekugi are attached in opposite ways on each side.
Tsuba (Guard): Made in Japan from beautifully crafted forged steel.
Saya (Scabbard): White wood with lacquer. Curved according to the Sori of the blade. The Koi-guchi is made of buffalo horn. Saya with kurikata and 2 shitodome for Obi support. The end of the Saya is made of buffalo horn.
Sageo: Japanese cotton superior quality.
1,010 gr. without Saya.
1,600 gr. with Saya

Accessories included:
- Embroidered protective cover.
- Supplied in a transport case with a black lacquered support and a maintenance kit.

Possibility of personalizing your saber with laser engraving, contact us by email for this.




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