Iaito Light

Iaito Light
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Iaito Light
Reference : O03AWCARB
The Prestige Iaito in carbon

The lightweight carbon Iaito embodies the perfect fusion of Japanese tradition and French excellence. Designed for the most demanding practitioners of martial arts like Iaido and Aikido, this masterpiece of handcrafted art offers a unique experience that marries the timeless beauty of Japan with high-level European sophistication. Every element of this Iaito has been carefully chosen to offer unparalleled balance, precision, and aesthetics.

Aeronautical Grade Carbon Blade

The heart of the training saber is its exceptional aeronautical quality carbon blade. Crafted with extraordinary precision, the blade is the result of a subtle blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional Japanese know-how. This 73 cm blade (Tsuba-Kissaki), forged with authentic geometry, offers incredible strength while remaining light. It is a reflection of the unquestionable mastery of sword craftsmanship, guaranteeing fluid movements and perfect balance.

Authentic Japanese Components

The details of this Iaito are authentically Japanese. The wrought iron tsuba (guard) is decorated with traditional motifs, evoking Japanese culture and philosophy. The tsuka (handle) is covered in ray leather, providing superior grip and a pleasant feel under the hands. The menuki (hilt ornaments) are carefully carved to represent symbols of courage and loyalty. Each component is meticulously crafted to reflect the heritage of Japan.

Assembly in France

The final assembly of this high-end Iaito takes place in France, where a French master craftsman specializing in sword blade forging and metalworking refines the assembly process. The result is an Iaito that marries Japanese expertise and French attention to detail to create a work of art of exceptional quality.

Weight of 590 grams

Weighing only 590 grams, the NON-edged training katana is a light and maneuverable Iaito that allows precise and rapid movements. The weight distribution is perfectly balanced for a smooth and controlled cutting experience, while the overall low weight reduces fatigue during extended training sessions.

In summary, the Prestige Iaito is much more than just a training weapon. It is a functional work of art that embodies the quintessence of Japanese tradition and French craftsmanship. This Iaito is a tribute to the harmony between power and grace, tradition and modernity, and it is intended to inspire and uplift those who seek perfection in their martial practice.
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