Iaito Carbon

Iaito Carbon
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Iaito Carbon
Reference : O04BWCARB
The Iaito "Celestial Crane" is an exceptional iaito, the result of Murasame's reflection on the concept of an ultra-light practice sword for the Iaido.

The materials traditionally used in the manufacture of Iaitos (steel, alloy, aluminum) do not allow to drop below a certain minimum weight (approximately 650 g).

The only suitable metal is aluminum, but it is brittle, soft and not very rigid.

Carbon fiber has proven to be a good idea because it combines many qualities: strength, rigidity and above all, very low weight. In addition, its color and texture add an extraordinary visual to this blade.
To give life to this Iaito Murasame used a very high quality carbon, the one used on the Airbus A 380.

- The company ReUse Composite Innovation was responsible for the realization of the carbon plate, the cutting of the blade and the realization of the groove.
- The grinding was entrusted to Tom Fleury Knives.
- All the clothing part (Tsuba, Fuchi, Kashira, Seppa, Habaki and Menuki) is the work of Curiositas Technologies.
- The Japanese Saber Workshop did the braiding work of the Tsuka, the fitting of the fittings, the tuning and the final tuning of the Iaito.
The Iaito "Celestial Crane" was presented for the first time at the Mondial Coutellia show in Thiers in May 2018.

It weighs 550 g, it is strong, lively and extremely manoeuvrable.
It can be further reduced as needed and down to around 420 g! A record!

Designed and produced entirely by hand in France for practitioners looking for an ultralight and unique Iaito.

Nagasa (Blade length from the Tsuba): ~ 73 cm.
Sori (Curvature): about 2cm.
Moto-Kasane (Base thickness): approximately 7.8 mm.
Moto-Haba (Width at the base): approximately 32.1 mm.
Balance point (measured from Habaki): ~ 6 cm.
Fuchi-Kashira (Knob): Silver with polished brass pattern.
Tsuka (Handle): Wood, suitable for silk. Length 27.5 cm
Tsuka-ito (Fabric around handle): premium Japanese cotton fitted.
Same: Real, white ray skin.
2 Menuki: Old silver and brass. One on each side, mounted in the traditional way.
Habaki: aged silver brass
Seppa: aged silver brass
2 Mekugi: Bamboo wood, Assembly according to traditional methods. The 2 mekugi-ana are drilled diagonally and conically in the tang. The mekugi are attached in opposite ways on each side.
Tsuba (Guard): Diameter 8 cm thickness 6.7 cm. aged silver brass
Saya (Scabbard): Selected white wood. Curved according to the Sori of the blade. Saya with diamond-shaped opening showing the carbon blade.
Sageo: Japanese cotton superior quality.
550 gr. without Saya.
780 gr. with Saya

Accessories included:
- Japan protective cover.
- Delivered in a transport case with a black lacquered support.
Delay 5 months
2024-12-31 1290.001290.00
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