Bushiden Awaji- Shigeaki Incense

Bushiden Awaji- Shigeaki Incense
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Bushiden Awaji- Shigeaki Incense
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Awaji Incense

"There are things that deserve to be defended, even if it is at the risk of one's own life. The samurai have gone to war clothed in the scent of loved ones."

Shigeaki Miyawaki

“The Way of the Samurai” is a code of action and conduct that has been passed down through samurai families over generations.
It carries a conception of preparation emanating from the very heart of samurai ethics. It is a spiritual philosophy of physical and mental self-discipline, tireless dedication to a cause, the search for harmony and protection of the weak.

The integrity with which the Koh-shi of Awaji Island explore aromas is comparable to the dignity and demeanor of a samurai.
The endless passion for aromas and the seasoned skills of these Koh-shi have found their epitome in this collection of incense named after each of the 14 “Incense Masters”.
Each product is imbued with the pride of its creator and his investment in his work. Awaji Island, the largest aroma producer in Japan, o ers all incense lovers the Bushiden Collection of the Japanese Scent Series.

These incenses are natural and artisanal, the sticks are cut by hand before drying, you will have an identical weight per category and per box of incense but a variable number of sticks. The duration of consumption of each stick may therefore be slightly different.

Awaji Island incense is the best incense in Japan.


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