Book "Japan"

Book "Japan"
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Book "Japan"
Reference : GEOLEJAPON
Our memory of the history of Japan is short.
It dates back, for the most part, to the twentieth century.
However, there is much more to discover. This large illustrated album will allow you to better understand the history of this fascinating country.
By highlighting the nine most decisive centuries of its history, from the 12th to the end of the 20th century, it traces in images how the Empire, weakened, found the resources necessary to rise from its ashes and become a world power. leading.

Military leaders, rulers, artists, thinkers ... the names of key figures in Japan are unknown to us. The same goes for the significant events in the history of the archipelago. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, yes, but still? Who knows the battle of Seki gahara, which sealed the fate of the country in 1600, as Waterloo determined that of Europe a little over two centuries later? Our memory of the history of Japan is short. It dates back, for the most part, to the twentieth century. And yet!
Reading this great album on the history of Japan gives us a lesson: the fragility of empires, and the resources they find to be reborn. Japan, whose civil and military power extended over almost all of Southeast Asia in 1941, found itself wiped out four years later, in 1945. But he got up. In just over two decades, from 1945 to 1968, it became the world's second largest economic power.

Edit: Prisma
GEO HISTOIRE special issue magazine
Publication date: 2019
137 pages
ISBN: 9782810427635


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